3VillageStudios, LLC


3VillageStudios, LLC is an expirement. Testing new technologies and displaying the talents of others.


Programming technologies have been evolving quickly. It is hard to keep up with the changes. As a result this website changes quite often as I test out new features of the tools I use. The current itertation is simply built with Visual Studio 2017 using the default Telerik Website template included in their suite of tools. While it is not a CMS (Content Management System) it is quite easy to maintain and well suited for a site that will remain pretty static.


Along with the things that I am involved with, you will find links and actual results from other people that I feel are worthy enough to add to this site.


Occassionally you will find other information on this site that will really have nothing to do with development, creativity or life enhancing information. It is just stuff I have run across in the course of a day that I find interesting, wierd or completely insane.